Plan-In (English)




Do you like Post-it Notes, are you a visual person, then the Plan-In is the tool for you to have overview and to make your planning fun!

With Plan-in you can plan your to do’s in a simple and handy way.  Every week you decide what you should and/or wish to do. That can for instance be tasks for work, study or the household. Each part (work, study, household) can have its own colour. Does something occur for next week – or you don’t manage this week – put it in ‘Stock’, for next week. More tips go with the planner.

You can hang the planner or place it on your desk and easily take it with you in your bag.

‘Plan-in’ is, like my three books, designed by Karin van Iterson of Hakijk. The planner is printed on firm paper/cardboard; it goes with instructions, four colours Post it Notes (51×51 mm) and two clips in a plastic A4 take-away-envelope.

Delivery: within three office days. NOTE: if you are ordering from abroad, please contact me!